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 Chinatown, Vancouver


Welcome to Vancouver’s Chinatown! 

Vancouver claims North America's second largest Chinatown, after San Francisco. Chinatown is one of Vancouver’s oldest commercial and residential districts, dating back to the 1880’s.  The area boasts both some of the oldest architecture in the city and a vibrant atmosphere that will delight the senses.

There are numerous excellent and inexpensive restaurants, many serving dim sum, as well as a number of newer, upscale venues opening their doors, including the stylish Sai Woo. For those seeking the exotic and specialty items to decorate their homes, there is a myriad of shops guaranteed to tickle your fancy. 

Celebrate year-round at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden. This beautiful garden is the first full-scale Classical Chinese "scholars" garden ever built outside of China using traditional techniques and materials. Named World Top City Garden by National Geographic, take a trip back to 15th century China at this delightful venue. 

Seasonal festivities include the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival and the exciting annual Chinatown Spring Festival, ushering in the Chinese New Year.

LGBT weddings are also welcomed and celebrated at Vancouver’s Chinese Garden, for those looking for a unique and memorable place to exchange vows. Whether you live in Vancouver, or are planning a destination wedding, feel free to contact them to discuss possibilities.  

There are lots to see and do in this exciting and essential part of Vancouver! Be sure to check it out as part of your itinerary. 


Vancouver Chinatown Spring Festival Parade

Info: http://www.cbavancouver.ca/  


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