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Thompson Okanagan, BC


Discover the Thompson Okanagan: A Haven for All Travellers

Thompson Okanagan, where British Columbia's beauty comes to life, and everyone feels at home. It's a place that's as generous with its views as it is with its welcome. Let’s take a closer look at what makes each place within the Thompson Okanagan a destination to experience.

In Kamloops, outdoor lovers will find their happy place with trails for biking and spots for taking in the natural beauty. Looking for a quiet retreat? Vernon's lakes are perfect for some downtime in the great outdoors.

In the vibrant heart of wine country, Kelowna combines the sophistication of gourmet food and fine wines with the energy of festivals and music, all set against serene vineyard views. Penticton provides a change of pace, inviting you to relax with its craft beers and scenic paths, perfect for a leisurely ride or stroll. Meanwhile, Osoyoos offers a stunning contrast with its unique desert landscape and rich cultural tapestry.

Visit the Thompson Okanagan for some unforgettable sights, friendly local vibes, and moments that you'll carry with you for a lifetime. Visit our website (www.travellingout.ca) for more information on each region, trip ideas, events, and more.


Travelling Out in The Thompson Okanagan






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