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We are delighted to publish our 18th annual Gay Friendly Canada Guide in various media formats once again this year, for the convenience of our audience. Whether you prefer print or online media, we have it all. Besides print, we also have an online PDF edition that you can download, an online interactive flip-book edition, and a Kindle e-book edition on Amazon.

Travel is one of our passions, and Canada has a lot to offer from coast to coast. A sophisticated tourism infrastructure of national, regional and local organizations provides easy access and information about attractions, festivals, hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. The business community has also shown great support by sponsoring LGBTQ2SAI+ events, and featuring LGBTQ2SAI+ people in their mainstream advertising. Considering how things used to be, it’s remarkable to see major corporations, politicians, businesses, organizations, and people from all walks of life on the streets waving the rainbow flag, and declaring Love is Love.

As a result of the courage and heroic efforts of our LGBTQ+ pioneers, who stood up and demanded equality and recognition, Pride events are now celebrated across the country, in all major cities, as well as medium size and smaller communities everywhere. Queer film festivals are also thriving, LGBTQ2SAI+ sports groups of all kinds are active and visible, health-related organizations hold conferences, rainbow crosswalks are showing up at many locations, and drag is now recognized in the mainstream.

In recent years, however, despite being one of the most progressive countries in the world in regards to equality for all, far-right ideology has started to creep into Canadian society as well. As witnessed this past year, anti-Drag Story Time protests, and anti-SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) protests against SOGI programs taught in public schools, were planned across the country. In response, many Canadian officials condemned the protests, and counter protests were also organized, many on a grassroots level. Our cover photo for this edition shows the counter protest in Vancouver, where an estimated crowd ten times the size of the initial protester group turned out to show that most Canadians are generally supportive.

Canada continues to be a relatively safe and welcoming country for people from all walks of life, including the LGBTQ2SAI+ community. There is a need, however, to remain vigilante and to stand on guard for equality for everyone.

With all of that said, we hope you enjoy our 18th annual edition. Right now is a great time to explore Canada, whether you are a visitor, planning to visit, or are fotunate enough to call Canada home.

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Gay Friendly Canada
18th Annual Edition

Flip Book Click to View 
Downloadable PDF Edition Click to View 
Amazon Kindle E-book Click to View

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