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Gayvan.com Travel Marketing is a Vancouver-based company, with extensive connections in the international LGBTQ+ travel segment. We are also well connected locally, regionally and nationally, in Canada's LGBTQ+ communities, and are active in the mainstream business and travel industry within Canada and beyond. Gayvan.com has been online since 1999 and Gayvan.com Travel Marketing was launched in January, 2003. 

Our website is an extension of our experience, with over 35 years of hotel and bar management, sales and marketing, web design, event production and publishing. Regularly updated information provides an interactive resource for consumers, travel agents, travel industry providers, and those wanting to reach the LGBTQ+ community.

In addition to our mobile-friendly, interactive web site, we produce two full colour, annual publications, in multi-media formats; our Gay Friendly Vancouver - In Town Guide and our Gay Friendly Canada publication. Visitors can pick up free copies at Little Sister's Book & Art Emporium, various outlets in Davie Village, and at major hotel Concierge desks throughout downtown. To see current digital editions of our guides on any device, you can browse the online digital Flip-Book editions, our Downloadable PDF versions, or the Kindle e-book editions on Amazon.

We also offer consulting services for organizations wanting to explore ways to further reach out to LGBTQ+ travelers and consumers. We will be happy to discuss details further on request. Feel free to give us a call, or send us an email.

We are long-standing members of IGLTA, Destination Vancouver, GETA, the Vancouver Pride Society, and a number of other LGBTQ+ and tourism industry-related organizations.

We also regularly participate in Social Media, maintaining two active Twitter accounts, as well as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Blogger, and more. 


Gayvan.com's Angus Praught is also a regular reporter for OutLook TV, which is broadcast nationally on the OUTtv network, streams internationally on OUTtvGo, and on YouTube. Angus is also an International Member of the National Gay & Lesbian Journalists Association (NGLJA), and was the recipient of the 2012 Tourism Industry Leadership Award, for Travel Gay Canada.

We are often contacted by a variety of mixed media outlets and journalists, for information on Vancouver, and Canada, as well as our views on events and topics of interest related to the LGBTQ+ community. We also work closely with our partners in tourism, to co-host visiting LGBTQ+ journalists interested in a community perspective. 


Following are a few links to media coverage in which we participated or had a mention: 

OutLook TV, Whistler Pride & Ski Week 2022: Whistler Pride & Ski Week 2022 

Gay Friendly Vancouver - In Town Guide 2021: Gay Friendly Vancouver - In Town Guide 

OutLook TV, December 2020: OutLook TV December 2020 Show 1

Gay Friendly Vancouver - In Town Guide 2020: Gay Friendly Vancouver - In Town Guide 2020

OutLook TV, Whistler Pride & Ski Week 2020: Whistler Pride & Ski Week 2020

Gay Friendly Canada Guide 2020: Gay Friendly Canada Guide 2020 

Inside Vancouver, August 2019: Inside Vancouver, August 2019 

Gay Friendly Vancouver - In Town Guide - May, 2019: Gay Friendly Vancouver - In Town Guide 2019 

OutLook TV - Whistler Pride & Ski Week, February 2019: Whistler Pride & Ski Week 2019

Gay Friendly Canada Guide 2019, January 2019: Gay Friendly Canada 2019 

Inside Vancouver, October 2018: Inside Vancouver, October 2018

OutLook TV, August Show 1, Victoria Pride 2018: OutLook TV, August 2018: 

OUTtv - Vancouver Pride Parade 2018 Live TV Coverage: Vancouver Pride Parade Live Coverage 2018

Gay Friendly Vancouver - In Town Guide, May 2018: Gay Friendly Vancouver - In Town Guide 2018

Gay Friendly Canada Guide, January 2018: Gay Friendly Canada Guide 2018

OutLook TV, Whistler Pride & Ski Week 2018: Whistler Pride & Ski Week 2018

OutLook TV, January 2018 - Davie Village Sign: Davie Village Sign

Outlook TV, December, 2017 - Government Apology to LGBTQ Canadians: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMy-zMgJSV8&feature=youtu.be 

Inside Vancouver, November 2017: http://www.insidevancouver.ca/2017/11/06/evolution-of-lgbtq2-television-and-broadcasting-in-vancouver-bc/

Travel Pulse, October 2017: https://www.travelpulse.com/news/lgbtq/24-gay-hours-in-vancouver.html  

Travel Pulse, September, 2017: Travel Pulse September 2017

Passport Magazine, September, 2017: Passport Magazine September 2017

Live Coverage of Vancouver Pride Parade, August 2017:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GzBpOtK-yM&list=PLQdR6gQt97qwvQSBA3XXA7sC5ck-JOUrU 

Inside Vancouver, July 2017: http://www.insidevancouver.ca/2017/07/19/vancouvers-monarchs-emperor-and-empress-of-the-46th-reign/ 

CT Magazine LGBTQ+ Travel Feature, June 2017: https://www.hinzie.com/writer/media/magazine/pdf/439.pdf 

Tourism Vancouver - You Belong in Vancouver, June 2017: Daichan Nakagawa & Angus Praught Video 

Inside Vancouver, June 2017: http://www.insidevancouver.ca/2017/06/13/behind-the-scenes-of-pride-2017-with-the-vancouver-pride-society/  

OutLook TV, Whistler Pride, February 2017: https://youtu.be/6ttFELr726w

Gay Friendly Canada, January 2017: http://www.gayvan.com/travel/gay-friendly-canada 

OutLook TV, Canada Pride, January 2017: https://youtu.be/zPFBrJglRq0

Passport Magazine, May 2016: http://passportmagazine.com/vancouver-one-of-the-first-down-the-aisle-with-marriage-equality/ 

Whistler Pride Show 1, 2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peObT7-z-M0 

Whistler Pride Show 2, 2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJh433Hf7Mk  

OutLook TV, January 2016: https://youtu.be/RrmplOT15T0  

Inside Vancouver, July 2015: http://www.insidevancouver.ca/2015/06/19/vancouver-celebrates-10-years-of-marriage-equality-in-canada/  

 OutLook TV, February, 2015: Angus Praught co-hosts the Whistler Pride & Ski Festival Shows in Whistler - Show One: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Se7wL4aDtg 

The Georgia Straight, March 2015: http://www.straight.com/arts/407286/box-treasures-gifts-supernatural-celebrates-cultural-legacy 

OutLook TV, February, 2015: Angus Praught co-hosts the Whistler Pride & Ski Festival Shows in Whistler - Show Two: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Se7wL4aDtg 

OutSmart Magazine, Houston, February 2014: http://www.outsmartmagazine.com/2014/02/vancouver-bound/ 

OutLook TV, February, 2014: Angus Praught co-hosts Show One at WinterPride in Whistler: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IbTXF2doc8 , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppg6TlR24d4

OutLook TV February 2014: Angus Praught co-hosts Show Two at WintePride in Whistler: WinterPride 2014 Show Two 

OutLook TV, January, 2014: Angus Praught interviews Councilor Tim Stevenson before his trip to the Sochi Olympics and more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrbLNKLWzQQ&list=UUjdwt6mFOP7R4AZsQ167lfg&feature=c4-overview

OutLook TV, November 2013 - Angus Praught interviews Svend Robinson, Dr. David Suzuki and MP Dr. Hedy Fry and more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDACOAMXkD4 

Vancouver Courier, August, 2013: http://www.vancourier.com/community/community-calendar-all-colours-of-the-rainbow-on-display-at-pride-parade-1.576993 

Gay Star News: http://www.gaystarnews.com/article/vancouver-where-exotic-flair-meets-seriously-dreamy-guys141013 

OutLook TV September 2013 show on YouTube, after airing on Shaw TV in Vancouver and nationally on OUTtv: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4P_p6Km0_Jc 

Edge New York City http://www.edgenewyork.com/index.php?ch=travel&sc=&sc3=&id=87221&pg=1

Gay Times London http://www.david-hudson.co.uk/archive/vancouver.html

Windy City Media Group, Chicago: http://www.windycitymediagroup.com/m/APParticle.php?AID=28794&i=19&s=Entertainment 

About.com http://gaytravel.about.com/od/vancouvergaytravel/Stories_about_travel_in_gay_Vancouver.htm

Seattle Gay News http://www.sgn.org/sgnnews34_33/page23.cfm

Edge Chicago http://www.edgechicago.com/?87221



Gayvan.com Travel Marketing

Gayvan.com Travel Marketing is registered with the Government of Canada, the Province of British Columbia and the City of Vancouver. Business Licence #24-133209

All rights reserved. Reproduction only by written permission from Gayvan.com Travel Marketing. Mailing address: 1771 Robson Street #354,, Vancouver, BC, V6G1C9
Administration:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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