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Richmond, BC, Canada


Richmond, British Columbia, part of Metro Vancouver, is a modern cosmopolitan city of about 190,000, made up of a scenic group of islands, interconnected by a series of bridges, freeways, waterways, rail and air. 

When travelling to the Vancouver region, there is a good chance you will either arrive in Richmond initially, or have travelled to parts of Richmond along the way. Vancouver International Airport (YVR, the regions state-of-the-art airport facility) is located in Richmond, and the USA/Canada border is just 20 minutes or so away by car. 


A destination in its own right, Richmond is also home to the River Rock Casino Resort (one the regions premier entertainment and luxury resort destinations), as well as a full range of over 25 major accommodation options. Richmond was also host to the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, with The Richmond Olympic Oval being the venue for 12 medal events for the international Long Track Speed Skating competitions.

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The new Canada Line rapid rail system, was planned as a legacy of the Olympics, offeringrapid rail service to Metro Vancouver's busiest north-south corridor, and now links Downtown Vancouver to Richmond and Vancouver International Airport (YVR), with a stylish, convenient, and economical mode of transportation.


Richmond is also home to a large Asian population (over 50%), and is host to fabulous dining, upscale shopping centres, and large-scale festivals; Chinese New Year, the Salmon Festival, and the Summer Night Market, to name a few. The Golden Village is a centre of Asian shopping malls, with hundreds of shops, jewellery stores, restaurants, and designer fashions from Asia’s top fashion capitals.

Richmond has also been the set for various Hollywood movies, and television series, including Blade II, The 6th Day, Supernatural, Outer Limits, X-Files, Stargate SG-1, Killer Instinct, Aliens in America, Smallville, The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, Lizzie McGuire, Fantastic Four, The L Word…. and the list goes on. Check it out!

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